A band that lives up to their name. It's an enhanced big band that play gospel music. I was a fan before I joined the band. The last decade I've been part of the clarinet section, tooting the bass clarinet. No other band makes me as happy. When they approach me for making their logo I was honoured.
Logo design
The band requested for the logo to be round. Probably so you could potentially put it on a bass drum? A lot of sketches where made, most hand drawn, with a lot of hours put into them. But the band found a little gem in the corner, made in 5 minutes, with not much thought. This was the winner! Through the years I've grown to love its simplicity. Hope to see it on a cap one day. 
Poster design
The show is very energetic and I wanted the poster to express the same feel. At the same time I was designing a Drew Struzan-inspired film poster. The energy was a perfect match. Typography was handmade and bold. With the warning that most posters where to be printed by the arrangers themselves, I incorporated a white border into the design.
Brand development 
Now that the feel and tone was found, we were ready for the next step. Next project was a Christmas tour. Since typography often needed to be adjusted between concert I settled for a more tone downed look.
Further development
Now that I knew and was comfortable with the style I could experiment a bit more. The hip thing at the moment was glitch design, how would that look in this style? 

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